Visa Rewards

Turn your rewards into contributions to your Bright Start account. Earn 1.529% on your everyday spending.

Save even more with the Bright Start 529 Rewards Visa Card

Save even more for college with the Bright Start 529 Rewards Visa® Card.1 As the cost of a college education continues to rise, we have an additional way for you to save.

With the Bright Start 529 Rewards Visa Card, you can earn 1.529% on your everyday purchases. Each quarter, once you’ve accumulated $50 or more in rewards, the funds will be automatically invested into the Bright Start account(s) you designate.

It’s simple to earn these rewards. Just use the Bright Start 529 Rewards Visa Card for your regular spending, and 1.529% of your eligible net purchases will be invested directly into your Bright Start account each quarter.2, 3

For example, a family with an average monthly budget of $2,500 for groceries, gas, dining out, clothing, and other everyday expenses could accumulate an additional $38 monthly that can possibly turn to $458 over the course of the year by using this rewards card. Multiply that over several years, add in potential earnings, and you’ll have extra college savings built up without changing your everyday habits.

Rewards Comparison
Average Credit Card BrightStart Visa®
Rewards Rate 1.0% 1.529%
Rewards Earned* $300 $458

*Based on an average expenditure of $2,500 per month ($30,000 per year).

Additional Savings

Interested in making this card work even harder for you? Encourage family members and friends to get a Bright Start 529 Rewards Visa Card. Their everyday spending can also earn rewards to be deposited in your account.

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