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Together, saving for college is possible.

Is it really possible to save for college?

Saving for college can be challenging, which is why the Bright Start 529 College Savings plan was specifically designed to help families save for those future expenses. It’s flexible, with low fees, no minimum contributions, and welcomes deposits from all family members.

Today, it is more crucial than ever to save for higher education – be it universities, technical schools, or community colleges – as future opportunities increasingly require higher levels of education.

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Together, saving for college is possible.
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What is a Bright Start 529 college savings account?

A Bright Start 529 college savings account is an investment account that can be used for higher education expenses. The name “529” comes from Section 529 of the IRS tax code, which gives these plans special tax breaks, including tax-free treatment of interest, dividends, and earnings while in the account.

How can your family save for college?

By starting early and saving even a portion of the cash gifts your student receives from friends and family on special occasions, you can gain an early advantage in your college savings. Plus, tax benefits allow your savings to grow tax-free, meaning you keep more of what you save.

With Bright Start, saving for college is possible.

Does starting early really make a difference?

Yes, when it comes to college savings, time can work in your favor. In the hypothetical example below, you’ll see that making an initial investment and contributing monthly can help you build funds for future college costs.

Assumed Annual Return at 6%*

Monthly Contributions

This hypothetical example illustrates the accumulation potential with a $2,500 initial investment and a monthly contribution plan at a 6% projected average annual return. The above example is based on projections and does not reflect your actual investment in the Bright Start Direct-Sold College Savings Program. If fees were included, the returns would be lower. Your actual results may be more or less.

With a Bright Start 529 College Savings account, you have the flexibility to save any amount, at any time, and even set up weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly contributions of any amount.

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What if you can’t save the full amount?

You don’t have to save the entire tuition amount. A Bright Start 529 savings account is just one way to pay for college, alongside potential scholarships, grants, student loans, other savings and potential income that your student may earn by working a part-time job during the college years. It can also be used to pay for other qualified education expenses, such as books, computers and certain room and board expenses (see “Using your funds” for a complete listing of plan expenses).1 And remember, students with college savings accounts are three times more likely to go to college!*

*Source: “Small-Dollar Children’s Savings Accounts, Income, and College Outcomes” (2013). Center for Social Development

Are 529 accounts only for four-year programs?

A Bright Start 529 account can be used to pay for qualified expenses of one, two, or four year programs at colleges and universities, apprenticeship programs, vocational, trade, technical and even some foreign schools!

So, how does Bright Start make it possible for families to save?

  • By enabling families to start saving early.
  • Families can save what they can, when they can.
  • Flexibility to schedule contributions and gifts on special occasions.
  • Ability to open an account with a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  • Any earnings in the account grow tax-free and qualified withdrawals are free from federal and state income tax.
  • Allowing gift contributions from family and friends through GiftED.

With Bright Start, saving for college is possible. Questions? Call us: 877-432-7444

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